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Table of Contents

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 1, Issue (2), Pages 1-73, August (2012)

Research Paper

1. VHDL Environment for Floating point Arithmetic Logic Unit - ALU Design and Simulation
Purnima Shrivastava,Mukesh Tiwari, SinghJaikaran,Sanjay Rathore (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 1-6.
2. Dispersion Characteristics of Settleable and Dissolvable Pollutants in Waste Stabilization Ponds
E.C. Ukpong,J.C. Agunwamba (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 7-14.
3. Recycling of Bag-House Dust from Foundry Sand
B. Dugan,C. Anderson (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 15-25.
4. A Design of GUI Based Wireless Robotic Car
Shubham Fadnavis (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 26-31.
5. Heat Transfer Augmentation of Air Cooled Internal Combustion Engine Using Fins through Numerical Techniques
A.K. Mishra,S. Nawal,R. ThundilKaruppaRaj (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 32-40.
6. Characterization of Seam Strength and Seam Slippage on Cotton fabric with woven Structures and Finish
M. Bharani,P.S.S. Shiyamaladevi,R.V. MahendraGowda (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 41-50.
7. FLC and PLC based process optimization and control of Batch digester in pulp and paper mill
Dinesh SinghRana (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 51-62.

Short Communication

8. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Ternary Polymer PVC/PVAc/PEG Blended Films
B.S. Mudigoudra,S.P. Masti,R.B. Chougale (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 63-65.
9. Formation of Black hole for Inhomogeneous Pressure and Density
Anil Maheshwari,M.K. Gokhroo (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 66-69.
10. Concurrency Control and Security issues of Distributed Databases Transaction
V.K. Gupta,Jitendra Sheetlani,Dhiraj Gupta,ShuklaBrahma Datta (2012). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 1(2), 70-73.