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Air pollution induced changes in foliar micro-morphology of road side shrub species, Thevetia peruviana and Plumeria alba in Rewa City, MP, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1School of Environmental Biology, A.P.S University, Rewa-486003, MP, India
  • 2School of Environmental Biology, A.P.S University, Rewa-486003, MP, India

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 7, Issue (3), Pages 1-7, March,22 (2018)


This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of air pollution on micro-morphological characters of two evergreen shrub species viz. Thevetia peruviana and Plumeria alba growing along the road sides in Rewa city. There was marked alternations in the micro-morphological attributes of two shrubs exposed to urban air pollution. The leaf samples of both the species showed increased number of epidermal cells and stomata, stomatal frequency and stomatal index on both dorsal and ventral surface at polluted sites as compared to control sites. The leaf samples collected from polluted sites exhibited decreased length and width of epidermal cell and guard cell as compared to control ones. The results indicate that these two shrubs have developed some adaptations or changes to survive under stressed conditions of air pollution.


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